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  •  He didn't fall into the temptation of meth... (8+ / 0-)

    and money. He fell into the temptation of power after being powerless most of his life. Meth was just the path that took him to the temptation of power, and money was just the reward.

    Actually, Walt got what he wanted. His family will be taken care of after he is dead. He would have preferred to still have the respect and love of his family, but more important than that was making sure that they were provided for and that everything he did had not been for nothing.

    And he did not see the error in his ways. He EMBRACED the error of his ways.  Aside from Hank dying, I don't think Walt would have changed a thing if the choice was dying a destitute high school teacher and car wash employee and leaving his family tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

    He didn't try to redeem himself. You don't threaten people with death from hitmen to get them to create a trust for your estranged son if you're trying to redeem yourself.

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