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  •  Skylar's getting off light (2+ / 0-)
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    petral, Avila

    in terms of the moral handwrining and blame games. She was a fully consenting partner to Walt and pushed him to have Jesse killed, which ultimately lead Walt to call the Nazis to come for Jesse and by extension to Hank's death.

    Then she crumbled when Marie confronted her with inaccurate information. If Skylar had played it cool with Marie in Ozymandias episode, Walt could have gone away with the family for a few weeks and then come back when it became clear the Nazis had cleaned up all of Hank's evidence. Yet, she let Walt take all the blame and even let Junior think he killed Hank.

    •  Not quite true with Skyler -- (1+ / 0-)
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      End game

      1) When Skyler pushed Walt to kill Jesse, Walt refused, and instead opted for the Alaska deal with Jesse.  If Walt had taken Skyler's advice, he would have gotten off scott free.

      2) Except Marie new about Hank having Walt in custody.  So Walt would have had to explain why Hank disappeared, and Walt didn't know what evidence other DEA agents had from Jesse.  So Walt would have needed to bring his whole family with new identities.

      •  but there was no evidence (0+ / 0-)

        on point 2: It's Marie's word against Walt's, and the Nazis cleaned the evidence. Granted Walt didn't know the amount of the fallout (or lack thereof), but he could have lain low with his family for a few weeks and then returned once he learned the DEA had nothing.

        on point 1 you have a good point, although the fact still remains that Skylar was more ruthless in intent than Walt re Jesse, and Hank's death Walt's fault imo.

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