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View Diary: The 14th Amendment Clearly Gives Obama the Right to Raise the Debt Ceiling (52 comments)

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  •  Right. The debt is not a problem. After all, (6+ / 0-)

    dollars are just certificates of debt -- official IOUs -- which we can issue in any quantity needed. Limiting the certificates of economic obligations is like limiting certificates of marital obligations.

    The problem is the Congress not authorizing the spending of dollars for necessary purchases, some of which have already been completed in the sense that the goods and services have been delivered. It's not "the debt" but "debts" that are the problem. Congress is playing deadbeat dad.
    The solution to that, I suggest, is that the President declare an emergency, order the Congress to shelter in place, and secure the doors of the Capitol until Congress has completed its work and issued the necessary authorizations. The pocket veto is the prerogative of the President. We pay Congress to pay our bills. If it refuses to do the work, it needs to be dismissed.
    That, btw, is how we the people enforce the law. We fire people who don't work out.

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