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View Diary: The 14th Amendment Clearly Gives Obama the Right to Raise the Debt Ceiling (52 comments)

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    but how an action is framed has a lot to do with how reactions are viewed. Clearly, holding the governing process hostage by not meeting our current obligations is destructive, but it has become accepted by many and seen as positive by some. So what would the reaction be to Obama doing as hannah suggests? My cautious side says that he needs to be aware of that when making policy decisions. There's another part of me saying screw the consequences...sometimes you just have to be bold.

    No matter what, there would be consequences. The right is scared. When you're sparring and you fight someone who's desperate, you never know how badly they will overreact.

    There is a sense of decency that's like a barometer to a man's or a country's health. -- SAMUEL R. DELANY, The Fall of the Towers

    by progress not perfection on Fri Sep 27, 2013 at 01:00:20 AM PDT

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