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View Diary: How Much Did 21 Hours of Ted Cruz Cost the US? (13 comments)

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  •  Were all 100 Senators actually in the room? (3+ / 0-)
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    wylieSteve, cosette, True North

    I'm pretty sure that at least one of mine was in his office, turning a deaf ear to me.

    •  Maybe 4 senators, plus lower-paid staff (1+ / 0-)
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      There was a temporary chair, probably more than one. Somebody other than the Vice President was in the chair.

      Ted Cruz was there. Mike Lee and a couple other buddies were present sometimes.

      I doubt any other senators were present--they were probably off doing work or, sensibly, getting some sleep before starting work the next morning.

      Don't forget the other, less well-paid, staff, such as security people, pages, perhaps clerks looking after paperwork and transcripts, and Cruz's staff.

      Were visitors able to go to the gallery to watch the proceedings? There is an elaborate process for checking in visitors, collecting their phones and cameras, escorting them to the Senate, and keeping watch on them while they watch the proceedings. If this was being done, add more staff time.

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