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View Diary: Bill O'Reilly's new book says Jesus died to free the Jews from taxation (267 comments)

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    Are you sure about that?  My understanding was that the Temple Tax was a seperate tax levied by the Temple Authorities, unrelated to the Imperial Roman taxes.  

    It was actually commanded in the Law of Moses, (although at first it's purpose was to maintain the Tabernacle).  The Temple in Jerusalem even coined it's own currency.  The reason why there were moneychangers in the Temple courtyard was so that people could exchange their heathen Roman coins for holy coins with which to pay their religious obligations.

    There was a scandal in Pilate's administration when he built an aquaduct to suppliment Jerusalem's water supply.  Since the aquaduct also provided water for the Temple, he felt justified in taking money from the Temple treasury to help fund the project.  When people found out that Holy Sanctified Money was being used for Evil Secular Purposes, there was a tremendous backlash.  The Temple Priests piously demanded that the money be repaid, (which must have really cheesed off Pilate, because I can't see how he could have gotten the money in the first place without the Priests's cooperation).  In order to preserve the peace, Pilate was forced to back down.

    With the destruction of the Temple, there was no longer either an organization left to collect the Temple Tax, nor a building for it to maintain.  My guess is that local synagogues continued to collect it for strictly local purposes, but it would not have been handed over to Rome, and certainly not to fund temples to Jove.  The Romans had their own Imerial taxes to fund stuff like that.

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