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  •  Checking in from Houston. (7+ / 0-)

    There are no words to describe David Gregory's pimping for the corporate right.  Thank God for real journalists like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

    Meanwhile, back in Cruzville, one has only to read the comments posted in the article below to see that Rafael ain't too popular in Houston. And it has nothing to do with Canada or Cuba.

    Meanwhile, Battleground TX and Wendy Davis supporters are highly motivated.  There is no stopping us now.  Hell, even Rick Perry's wife wonders about her husband's anti-women laws.  Of course, Anita must know about her hub's nighttime prowling while she is fast asleep at the Gov's mansion.

    The really good news is, a dear friend and old prof of mine, an expert on Texas voter rights will testify on behalf of the U.S. against TX on its voter suppression efforts.  

    Things are definitely looking up in Texas.

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