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  •  Our family mantra: (2+ / 0-)

    "What did you done once you knew?"  

    It's the daily choices that are the hardest my friend.

    Walking one's talk.  It's harder than voting every four fucking years. It's harder than signing some online petition.  

    Just shopping for groceries, for me, is now a political decision.  

    It's the daily, little things that matter.  Because they are the ones that have the most impact.  They are the ones that say much about us.  

    DailyKos found me on my virgin trip to DC.  My first time of leaving my kids behind in order to try and make the world better my simply standing with others to say "NO MORE WAR".  I did daily actions as a lone member of CodePink in my redneck area.  I fought schools that abused my disabled son.  

    I've had to prioritize what actions I do or get involved with as I started to burn out.  

    Our dear friend had just died and I then found myself standing with CP and VFP protesting out in the rain.... I came face to face with Karl Rove at a nearby restaurant.  I told him exactly what I thought of him and for all to hear.  Then I shook and puked.

    I remember calling my husband and telling him how I didn't feel "brave" or "proud".... I felt exhausted.  I felt alone.  I felt powerless actually.

    Standing in front of Karl Rove or Condi Rice or in front of Bush's water cannons, getting rocks thrown at you for supporting Watada.... and here we still are.

    So this woman who used to literally wear out her shoes from marching, rallying, protesting.... finally found that she had to prioritize exactly what she was willing to be harmed, arrested for.  I still am involved.  I still act.  I'll sign petitions and shit... and I feel I am very aware and I wouldn't consider myself apathetic... But I do have to take care of myself.  Or we will fall apart.  then I'm no good for anyone or anything.

    I had to cut the charities I support because I was only able to give a little to a lot.  I've found that, for me, it's better to give a lot to a little.  That doesn't count the money I hand out to the homeless anytime I'm in Portland or at an intersection.  LOL

    I'm anti-war.  I'm an advocate re special needs/autism.  My husband is hardcore anti-hunger.  He, my daughter and my son amaze me in their determination to end hunger.  

    It's hard being a Liberal. :)  I think that's how I separate myself politically from other definitions.   I want to be a good person who does what it takes to end the abuses and injustices.  

    I think I get mad more at "progressives' who do look away.  Who say it's all too much.  Who bought into the mantra that nothing will make an impact.  Hell, I remember when some in this community was against street action.  

    For us it's always been:  What did you do once you knew?  I can't do everything, but I sure as fuck try to do something.  


    "Love One Another" ~ George Harrison

    by Damnit Janet on Sun Sep 29, 2013 at 10:34:11 AM PDT

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