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  •  Why do people do what they do? (0+ / 0-)

    There are a few related fields of study that cover that territory: individual and social psychology and cultural anthropology I find especially useful.

    My comment about Dunning-Kruger above may have looked like a joke, but I meant it seriously.

    I had a pleasant bit of dialog with hannah in one of her diary comment threads earlier this week. It got me to thinking about resurrecting a dormant project to round up some psychology and anthropology topics. hannah I recall from her participation at a web site related to George Lakoff's political project. Lakoff's work overlaps various aspects of psychology, and he still writes articles himself occasionally. There are a handful of other writers here who have been influenced by Lakoff's work and mention it.

    I do think that psychology is undervalued in our culture, along with observation of culture itself.

    Thanks for contributing your perspective and your interest. Cheers

    seeking solutions in the culture domain

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