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  •  thanks - that was a really good read.. (1+ / 0-)
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    I think about the sun.. we know it is converting (sorry if I get this wrong) Hydrogen to Helium..

    to me, this is a simple equation:

    More matter = less matter + energy

    now then, scientists love to "put things in reverse"  kinda like rewinding to the Big-Bang theory..right?

    so, simply, I see

    less matter + energy = more matter

    problem is, we can see matter converting with energy being released (our sun), but we can't seem to observe the other, but clearly the above equation suggests, given the right circumstances,we ought to be able to add energy to matter, and get more of a different type of matter.. ie create matter from energy so-to-speak..

    perhaps at the quantum level we are observing this kind of conversion back and forth from energy..

    as a curiosity from a layman.. does light ever slow down? It obviously grows that weakening? .. and what would happen if it did slow to a stop, or if it can't do that.. dissipates to its "limit".. I just get the feeling matter is "cold or stopped energy"..whatever that means.

    looking forward to the next parts.

    •  I don't think there is evidence energy turns into (1+ / 0-)
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      matter.  Matter combines and changes state -- like in the Hydrogen to Helium reaction in the sun. Though what  happens in the big bang theory is similar to what you are describing.  Initially there is just energy which combines into atoms.

      I've read about light slowing down in some experiments.  But I don't understand them. Maybe some of the scientists around here can comment on that.

      The idea I'll present in the next diaries is similar to what you said. 'matter is "cold or stopped energy"'. I would call it contained energy. Not stopped in the sense that it isn't active.  But stopped in the sense that in can stay in one place.

      •  matter as contained energy. come to think of it, (1+ / 0-)
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        the very first thing needed for life is a sheath, ie a container.

        as a matter of fact (pun intended), matter itself needs a container..doesn't it?

        Matter = energy in a container..

        I like it

        I like it alot

        but if the container isn't matter itself, than something else must force the containment of the energy..perhaps the sheath is something like electromagnetic force or something or another.. since I know nothing from which I speak it is at least fun to imagine..

      •  light does turn into matter (1+ / 0-)
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        Just like an electron and a positron can turn into an X-ray w/ 511 keV energy, an X-ray photon can, if bounced off a nucleus, turn into an electron and a positron.

        There's also a particular kind of supernova, called a pair instability supernova where this happens on a massive (heh, heh) scale (photons created by the charged nuclei in the star that keep its pressure up become energetic enough to turn into electron/positron pairs, causing the collapse of the star), creating the most energetic type of supernova known.

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