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  •  In a way, mass-reach television is selling us (3+ / 0-)
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    Buckeye Nut Schell, jlb1972, marina

    to ourselves. We "buy into" the various narratives presented to us via the powerfully hypnotic medium of TV. We identify with the characters and situations as they are acted out -- and of course this includes all the advertising which brackets, and pays for our entertainment. The commercials are inseparable from, and interwoven with the programming.

    What is being sold on contemporary TV is not primarily the products per se, but rather ways of acting, dressing, talking, thinking, and living. The advertised products (insurance, drugs, cars, whatever) are presented within the showtime context of staged scenarios that we are already (mentally and willingly) a part of.

    TV is like a mirror into which we gaze, that says "this is us" and we believe it. It is very persuasive. It is also distorted and highly manipulative. What TV is selling us is an imaginary, hypnotic vision of who and what we are -- also who and what we should be, or could be, if we were to buy certain things, or act in certain ways.

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