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  •  Boston Beans, where is the idealism and open- (14+ / 0-)

    mindedness in America? All I see everywhere, and I have traveled somewhat extensively through half of the states, red and blue... are people believing that everything just has to be the way it is.

    The Stockholm Syndrome includes many government workers who are skeptical of their own organization, even the mission of their organization, and don't particularly want the power that would make them more flexible to fulfill what the post card image suggests.

    In our echo chamber, and I don't mean that insultingly, we are all for single payer. But much of the country just isn't that into it. They don't want any big new ideas.

    It wasn't like this in the 1960s. I wasn't there but I know, because a lot of you won't shut up about it (kidding). I knew/know some of the first women to get a civil engineering and a microbiology degree from a major public university in the West (they're Silent Generationers), Back then America was building a new public university at least every year... often several.  It's been years since we've been building brand new universities at any decent pace.

    There's no more free/super low room and board (what often drives debt) and tuition for undergraduates.  Where's the trips to the moon? Where's the government investment in disease research (NIH and CDC representing a lion's share and of course, the face of budger problems).   Where's the effort to expand our understanding of rare species and list them (hint, listing has slowed to a crawl, even as I watch species going extinct...)?

    Whenever you talk about anything... whether its' helping students, the unemployed, making our cities more walkable, the drug war, instituting high speed rail, anything that would make our lives collectively better--you get a a bunch of indifferent faceless characters and a plurality who demand that you work in a system that's totally fucked up, inhumane, and clearly not sustainable financially or ethically.

    That's how I get the cognitive dissonance of my friends who's never smoked weed/once, college-educated people, who are aware of how many people go to prison and the ridiculous costs and the damage to our public lands and the lives destroyed, and still think that alcohol is fine, but marijuana is evil.  These are not Republicans. Their feelings about the poor are atrocious, even among the poor friends.

    We are just so afraid now that we'd rather the serpent keep eating the tail. Everybody's sat down, shut up, and hoping that it's not them whose luck is up. I have yet to see any blip on the radar that shows otherwise.

    Governments care only as much as their citizens force them to care. Nothing changes unless we change -- George Monbiot.

    by Nulwee on Sun Sep 29, 2013 at 12:01:48 PM PDT

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