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    etbnc, BlueDragon

    Yes, I am not surprised to see denial and devaluing in any given situation where the message is unpleasant, or, worse, means something opposite of the preferred way of being in the world.

    I am no longer practicing.  One of the reasons was that I found that denial of family members meant that abuse or neglect continued to wreak havoc on the family.

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      There's a blogger who's been exploring some of this territory in weekly installments for a year or so. He's been writing longer than that, but the most relevant parts are from the past year.

      The blog is called the Archdruid Report. Here's the start of his examination of the trajectory of empires.

      I disagree with the blogger on some points, including some of his methods of presenting his ideas, but overall I've found he offers some useful insights. He cites some of his sources, too, so his writing can suggest other places to look for clues.


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