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  •  We are exceptional, as they say... (8+ / 0-)

    in many ways.  1.  We believe we are, 2.  We tell the world and many believe we are exceptional,  3.  We act as if we are - pre-emptive strikes, the Nixon Doctrine, the Carter Doctrine, the Bush Doctrine, etc., 4,  Our people generally believe we are exceptional - in the face of obvious evidence that we are not, 5,  Drone strikes on innocent civilians, 6.  torture at Abu Graib and around the world - as well as chronic rendition practices, 7.  Prevalence of violence in our nation (gun culture) and military suicides, as well as mass murders on military bases, 8.  Over-use of psychotropic meds within the US military (not unlike mid century European fascist regimes who developed the meds (Italy, Germany) for long deployments, repeat deployments, stressful USAF missions, drone killings, etc....

    and the list goes on.  As Miley Cyrus sings, "We can't stop, and we won;t stop..."

    The US is out of control.  As a disabled Vietnam veteran I am ashamed of the way things are going in the US.  We have lost our way.  It is all so very tragic for all of our middle class and our poor.  Very sad.

    •  One more major issue (7+ / 0-)

      We - as a nation/ culture/society, are alone among developed nations, in depriving our people of the right to health care as part of our social safety net - single payer health care OR a form of universal health care partnered with private providers - while providing low cost health care to all in the nation.  Anyway - some form of health care that is not prohibitive and beyond all reasonable cost such as the current healthcare system in the US.  We can no longer accept, as Americans, that we will be exploited and charged usory/outlandish fees for medical care (let's add cell phone service, cable TV, internet, other services & utilities) and other usual and ordinary services for which citizens & residents in other developed countries are charged reasonable fees for service.

      No more.  We must no longer allow this.

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