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    small town, names are descriptive, like "the double bridges,"  or after residents nobody remembers, etc.

    I am sure if my mother was here, she would say often.  I am trying to become aware of words I use for "special emphasis" bcause maybe it does matter.

    I got very dirty as a child, and spent 10 years as a plant potter in a nursery working with perennials, but then we called it being covered with "soil."  Never a purposeful mud bath, or tempted to go wrestling.

    I have invented dozens of drinks and never wrote them down.  I think the best one involved rum, apple cider and Benedictine, but I never made it.  Straight gin, chilled, preferably Bombay Saffire, is the road to bliss for the spastic back and neck muscles.  So, I can not have gin in the house, ever.

    Hope you all have a great day!

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