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View Diary: CBS News: Darrell Issa Blows Up at Reporter Over Looming Government Shutdown (Video) (80 comments)

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  •  Just to be clear, it's not a budget bill and it's (14+ / 0-)

    not a spending bill that needs to be passed.  It's an appropriations bill which authorizes the President to spend. Because, indeed, it is the executive that actually spends, or not. What is probably annoying a lot of Republicans is that some spending they authorized is not being done. That's how come the deficit has come down.

    One good outcome from this kerfuffle is that the country will know exactly that it's Congress which is in charge of the purse and Obama playing weak President is not helping them any.

    The federal government's job is to spend money. If it doesn't then Congress is not doing its job and the lay-abouts need to be fired.
    The Tea Party hired some real dolts. All hiring is a crap shoot, but the Tea Party had a chance to make corrections in 2012 and failed.

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