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View Diary: CBS News: Darrell Issa Blows Up at Reporter Over Looming Government Shutdown (Video) (80 comments)

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  •  I just saw a segment on Fox News (4+ / 0-)

    And Brit Hume of all people appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace pointing out that the government shutdown will be a big game changer in the Democratic Party's favor for the 2014 midterm elections and that this will be a very bad thing for the Republicans.  When you have someone like this on Fox News saying this, it spells serious trouble for the GOP.

    Plus, the GOP also has to deal with the following:

    No gun control/gun laws passed since Newton Murders

    Delays on agricultural bills

    Continued low approval rating for Congress in general

    No real re-branding or refocus after losing November 2012 elections.

    I sure as hell don't want to be John Boehner right now but I certainly feel real sorry for the GOP in particular for re-nominating Reince Priebus as RNC Chair.  This guy is so incompetent, a terrible strategist, such a sleeze and talks so slimy, and didn't even listen to the great Bob Dole who is ailing in his early 90's now.

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