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View Diary: Sunday Train: Unleashing the Political Power of Bio-Coal (128 comments)

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  •  Mercury, sulfur and the other ... (9+ / 0-)

    ... pollutants that come from dragging mineral carbon from underground would naturally be largely eliminated.

    As far as soot, that is why one would preferentially shut down the older coal powered plants, and focus any new investment in energy production from biocoal on more efficient Direct Carbon Fuel Cells.

    Ash content of briquetted biocoal is substantially lower than steaming coal, 2%-10% versus 20%-40%, and of course the lack of sulfur and mercury makes the recycling of the ash far less problematic.

    The end-game for biocoal would remain Direct Carbon Fuel Cells ~ but in a Pedal to the Metal policy, an ability to use our worst climate suicide infrastructure in a carbon neutral and much less polluting way without having to wait for more advanced power generation technology to be rolled out is a significant benefit.

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