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  •  Is that the real operating costs ... (0+ / 0-)

    ... or the real operating costs plus the service on the debt?

    The EPA cost estimates for a Dual Unit Advanced PC are $31.18 fixed O&M cost/KW capacity/year, $4.47/MWh.

    On a 90% average cycle, that is 7.884MWh per KW capacity, which is $3.94/MWh fixed O&M, so a total debt free cost of $8.31/MWh for "baseload" power.

    On a 20% average cycle, that is 1.752MWh per KW capacity, which is $17.80/MWh, so a total debt free cost of $22.27 for "peak/store-for-peak" power.

    This last July, in most hubs wholesale prices for electricity ranged from $32-$100/MWh.

    The EIA figures for Dual Unit Advanced PC with Carbon Capture and Sequestration is $66.43/kw-year for annual fixed O&M and $9.51/MWh Variable O&M, which on a 90% cycle is $8.43/MWh or a debt-free cost of $17.94/MWh for lower value "baseload" power.

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