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  •  Speaking as a very happy adoptee... (14+ / 0-)

    I must disagree with the generalizations.  ALL adoptees don't have some hidden pain or aren't on some kind of quest for answers, I've never met one who was. Granted, it's a small sampling, but the 4 people that I've known who were adopted, all were happy and none looked for any bio relations.

    I don't need any answers because I don't have any questions - my bio 'rents were teens who shagged and she got pregnant. Whether she just couldn't afford a kid, she was shamed into adoption by her family or she just didn't want to be a mother, I don't know. And don't care. The end result is, I was adopted by amazingly wonderful people and I'm grateful she made that decision.

    I, and my adopted siblings, were and are very happy.  We love each other, and we like each other. We adore our Dad and he's always there for us.  Sadly, our Mom died 7 years ago yesterday and I'm tearing up just typing that. Still miss her more than I can say...

    None of us has ever tried to find any biological relations nor care to. My "real" Mom and Dad are the ones who raised me and love me.  I have a brother and sister who I wouldn't trade for the world.

    Anyway, that's my "story". Not a dramatic or thrilling tale as such, but there you go :)

    Thank you for flying Church of England... Cake or Death?

    by cjinca on Mon Sep 30, 2013 at 10:04:09 AM PDT

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