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View Diary: Scahill/Greenwald Team Up for Scathing Exposé on NSA's Role in "U.S. Assassination Program." (97 comments)

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  •  AP gets to be insider by promising to keep (6+ / 0-)

    tight rein on what it published, forbidding copying and re-distribution. So, people with secrets get to have it both ways -- to spill the beans and protect their anonymity.

    Much of what the AP publishes sinks beneath the waves. That also used to be Seymore Hersh's shtick. Remember how he used to keep predicting the imminent assault on Iran from the fleet in the Persian Gulf? I suspect the point there was to distract from the fact that Pakistan was providing a corridor for supplies to Afghanistan. Afghanistan is very difficult to provision because of its mountainous terrain. And the mountains are magnetic, screwing up the flight instruments of planes. That's why helicopters kept crashing. The drones, being much cheaper, are much more dispensable.
    However, drones with hellfire missiles perpetrate assassination by remote control.

    I've been writing about it for four years and more.

    •  wow - you made a post about drones in 2009 (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      corvo, CIndyCasella

      that was almost 4 years ago

      and it has gotten worse

      what did you think about Scahill's "Dirty Wars" book?

      •  Don't have time to read books. The days (0+ / 0-)

        just do not get any longer.

        The first time I used the word "drones" in a post was in 2005, but then it was in connection with the drones Saddam Hussein was accused of having, but didn't.

        I did reprint a piece by Dahr Jamail from May of 2004 in which he reported on surveillance drones over Iraq that had, presumably, not yet been outfitted with hellfire missiles.

        On the other hand, when Congress mandated a war against terrorists who were to be hunted down anywhere and everywhere without any U.S. troops on the ground, the use of drones directed from remote locations was the only option left. Congress does that. It excludes options so that only one contractor or hire or policy is left, but nobody has to vote for anything.
        They could afford to make sport of John Kerry voting for and against things, because they just routinely rule things out until the desired outcome is left. Rule by exception. It's what makes the U.S. exceptional.

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