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    My child is a FERC DC economist, and he will be at his office tomorrow morning fighting the good fight. His roommate in the Senate non-nuclear proliferation group is not so lucky.

    I myself live in a world of Federal environmental funding for federally funded roads & have been dicked around for 5-years of "notices to proceed" that are unfunded until 30 days before the project is at 95% design completion. This means at least 1 year of non-payment for a firm of 8 Masters degreed/Registerd staffers. I hate these people in the House/Senate.

    The Republican cruelty is unabated - their astonshing goal of degrading ALL state and Fed environmental regs is unabated over the past 5 years.

    Shutting down the Fed is sick.  Don't allow the Dominionists to rule, please!

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