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View Diary: Paul Ryan: We Have to Use Extortion Because We Lost the Election (146 comments)

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  •  But God is on their side.... (1+ / 0-)
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    While I agree with Tom P. take on the implications of Ryan's statement, we should keep in mind how the baggers actually think about such matters.

    In their world-view, they are pursuing some divinely pre-ordained mandate (thank GaaawwwD,  the Koch brothers are here to channel God's will--let there be fracking and NO health care for the poor). So, the faithful baggers have to keep fighting because by definition those who oppose them are heretics.

    If you are not into theocracy, this is profoundly anti-Democratic. If you are, well its just doing God's work.

    And the baggers can justify the anti-democratic implications by arguing that they would win an election today if it were held, polls be damned(polls, we don't believe no stinking polls). Plus, Romney would have won if those "people" had not been able vote.

    What is most concerning is that baggers certainly have the Supreme court on their side which means that a lot of "those people" are in the process of being disenfranchised and so "Democracy" could well turn their way in the next election.  

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