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View Diary: Paul Ryan: We Have to Use Extortion Because We Lost the Election (146 comments)

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  •  No vote for us or we will steal the election! (0+ / 0-)

    They did in 2000 thanks to Jeb Bush and Florida Secretary of State, Kathryn Harris. Justice Roberts of the Supreme Court was one of the people leading the mob in Florida that caused all of the confusion during the recounts.  Since they had no price to pay they did in 2004 thanks to Ken Blackwell, Secretary of State in Ohio.  I remember in the middle of the night of the election MSNBC said that well the numbers are in Ohio (about 1-2 AM) and "we are told, Bush won Ohio - announced by his relative - Billy Bush). Of course Ohio had the help of Bush's computer wiz who changed the voter numbers - had voting machines that counted certain votes backwards.  I know I have family still in Ohio. I remember earlier in the evening of the 2004 election it was reported that Papa Bush had flown back to Texas because the numbers were against his son and they were sure that he was going to lose.  Again Vote for us or we will steal the election.  Of course, suppressing the vote helps also.

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