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View Diary: Obamacare enrollment starts tomorrow, shutdown or not (50 comments)

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  •  What you have touched on here is the core of (10+ / 0-)

    the Republican objection. Like pensions and workmen's comp and school lunches and medicare and medicaid, Obamacare is going to funnel dollars directly into the economy instead of having them approved by Congress (to see they were properly directed) or funneled through the financial sector so the banksters can get their cut.

    What are Congress critters going to use to extort votes, if they can't claim credit for sending dollars for projects to their constituents?  
    Why do citizens in the red states take in more dollars from Congress than they send back as tax? Because their representatives are buying their votes with those bucks and have no incentive to have this subservient posture stop.
    It's a bi-partisan thing, by the way. The two parties use different enforcers. Republicans rely on private corporations to deliver the votes and Democrats rely on the union folk.

    But, the real problem is that Congress is using the currency as a tool to enforce subservience, to reward and punish the citizenry, instead of simply ensuring that it is readily available and distributed equitably. To see the problem, imagine if Congress had the ability to allocate all paper and writing materials and every other communications tool according to who would be likely to write flattery and who would not. Restricting access to currency (via the sequester currently) would have the same effect were people not adept at hiding the contraband and using it surreptitiously. That the shadow economy has grown to two trillion annually is evidence of successful evasion. The shadow economy doesn't grow because people resent being taxed. It grows because Congress has demonstrated a proclivity not to give the money back.
    That's what accounts for the fact that the rate at which the dollar moves through the economy has slowed from a trickle to a drip.

    You hear that sucking sound? That's Wall Street and Capitol Hill vacuuming our dollars up.

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