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View Diary: Senate kills the Republican House funding bill. It's Boehner's ball again. (124 comments)

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  •  Quick work by Reid. I sense the GOP resolve (9+ / 0-)

    is crumbling on this shutdown gambit.  Too many GOP members of Congress have basically conceded that they don't have the political will to shut down the government over legislation they don't like. The Senate CR would probably pass the House with 240 votes if Boehner brought it up for a vote.

    Obviously, Boehner has the power to drag this out, but it's pretty clear that the Democrats aren't budging and that they don't feel any political consequence to enduring a long shutdown. It is possible that the Peter King's of the world could gather enough GOP signatures to issue an ultimatum to Boehner that he either allows the Senate CR bill to pass or they will not vote for the next tea party backed bill.

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