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View Diary: No menorahs at Hobby Lobby (335 comments)

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  •  Faith as a Hobby? Darn it! Do they sell those (0+ / 0-)

    crucifix shaped branding irons over there?

    Can't one craft those out of wire clothes hangers?

    Sounds like the Hobby Lobby needs a lobbyist,
    or at least a credible public relations firm.

    The Flying Psghetti Monster militant front should
    encourage all of its cells to request en mass their
    crescent moons and stars, hammers and scythes,
    and fat little tao figurine molds, just for ad buster
    styled yuks and lulz, in the interest of fully cynical
    consumers everywhere. Or is that what 3D printers
    are all about?

    Thanks for this story, and all of your many other efforts.

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