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  •  What the Law Requires and Permits (0+ / 0-)

    No store is legally required (statutorily or constitutionally) to "stock Jewish religious goods," or "religious" goods of any type for that matter, no matter what its stock in trade. So a grocery store is not required to stock Kosher foods or halal meats. The contrary suggestion in the lead post giving rise to this thread and the accompanying sense of outrage is, respectively, dead wrong and inappropriate.  What the law requires (statutory law, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, in particular,  not constitutional law) is that most commercial establishments, like the Hobby Stores here, not discriminate
    against patrons based on their religion (or race, or national origin).  And there is no evidence that the Hobby Stores do that.  

    To be sure, for all I know the owner of Hobby Horse may be anti-semitic. The evidence presented in the lead post hints at that possibility. But if that is so, we should be pleased that he is not only legal free to express his views in the way that he does (by not stocking Jewish themed hobby goods), but that he openly and honestly expresses his views the way he does. That way, persons can voice their disagreement and offense in the only meaningful way possible, by boycotting the Hobby Stores generally. Much as, for example, glbt foks and their allies should be boycotting Chick Filet stores.

    In short, the lead post is way off base.

    •  The government should inform Mr Green (0+ / 0-)

      that he can sell anything he wants, or refuse to sell anything he wants, but not to the public  -  but then, that's what the debate is all about.

    •  The lead post is right on the mark. (0+ / 0-)

      Your perception of the lead post is misplaced. The author merely sought an explanation of whether the store Hobby Lobby would stock Chanukah holiday wares and was offended by the clerk's reply. Of course Hobby Lobby like any other retailer is not required to sell religious goods for any denomination; if they choose to limit their customer base, more power to them. Gratuitously insulting a customer on the assumption that the customer was of that religion is not only stupid by also suggests that the operating principle of the store has nothing to do with commerce and much to do  with bigotry. If Hobby Lobby wants to tailor its merchandise sales exclusively to other bigots in the name of Christianity, I suppose that they, like any other bigot have the perfect right to proclaim their deranged and bigoted views from the roof tops if they so desire. If their view is that a religious test is required to shop in their stores there is very little to differentiate them from a lunch counter that refuses to serve Gays, Blacks, American Indians or any others whose beliefs or sexual orientation, or gender they regard as heretical.

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