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  •  Another 2¢ from Who assistants (8+ / 0-)

    Guardian: Doctor who? The Time Lord's companions from the 80s and 90s have their say

    Janet Fielding, Doctors: Tom Baker and Peter Davison

    But I still found the role quite frustrating. John Nathan-Turner, the producer, made absolutely no bones about why the companions were there: you were told, in words of one syllable, that you were there for the dads. That didn't sit easily with me, because I was, and still am, a feminist. I thought, "Actually, I'm there for the young women to identify with."
    Sarah Sutton, Doctors: Tom Baker and Peter Davison
    My daughter once watched the show as a child; at the end, she told me, "Monsters chasing Mummy, Mummy running." That pretty much sums it up.
    Bonnie Langford, Doctors: Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy
    There's something farcical about pretending to be scared of monsters that aren't there. I remember having to do 40 takes of one scene. They got so cross with us – but when somebody tells you not to laugh, all you want to do is giggle.
    Sophie Aldred, Doctor: Sylvester McCoy
    When I got the job, I was handed a postcard that said, "Welcome to the family", with three Daleks on the back. I thought, "Ugh, that's a bit cheesy", but in fact it really is a family. I'm very much in touch with many of the ex-companions, including from the new show. We've formed a little email group together, and we're in almost daily contact, so it's like a little club. It's lovely. The Companions' Club.

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