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View Diary: Poll: Whose fault is a shutdown? Silly question. (75 comments)

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  •  different question (1+ / 0-)
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    it seems that, strategically, it would benefit democrats in the Senate to approve the denial of exemption from the ACA for congress and congressional staffers. . .

    When the government shutsdown they will say that the reason is that they wanted to make sure that they were still exempt from the law.

    that will be a huge motivational tool for the repubs.

    And, at first read, it seems that congress and congressional staffers SHOULD be subject to the same individual mandate that others have (and anyways, don't they already have government sponsored health care?

    •  One problem (5+ / 0-)

      Congress and congressional staffers are not, and have never been, exempt from the ACA.

      •  Repugs Should Waive Their Health Benefits (1+ / 0-)
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        New Minas

        As an act of good faith, the Republicans should announce that they and all their staff will henceforth voluntarily waive their right to receive their health benefit.

        1.  This will show their commitment to their principles.
        2.  This will be done whether or not their bill is signed into law.

        I just saw Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin on the floor.  He is most famous for whining that his Congressional salary is too small.  To help dispel the strong odor of insincerity, I believe that he should put his John Hancock on this solemn oath.

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