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View Diary: Obamacare will double my monthly premium (according to Kaiser) (221 comments)

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    We buy ours in Ohio through Goldenrule.  We've gotten no notice of a rate increase recently on our end but my plan doesn't renew until April 2014.  In fact, all I've received is a letter telling me that I should keep my insurance and not buy on the exchange and that I will do better if I stay with them. To me, it seemed like an effort to make sure I don't leave them and go buy something on the exchange.  I've been fine with my insurance.  We pay about $350/month for two adults on our current plan and it's been fine.  If there is a comparable plan on the exchange that is less expensive, I'll make a change.  I've had the insurance for a few years and every year they seem to blame any increase on the ACA.  Health insurance costs were rising before the ACA so the fact that my rates still go up each year (although not as much) isn't a big concern for me right now.  

    Why don't you look on the exchange when it opens tomorrow and see if you can do better there?  Then notify your insurance company that you found a better price on the exchange and plan to buy it there.

    I think right now all of the companies that didn't participate in the exchange are really trying to keep their customers off the exchanges and against the new legislation.  I would hold your rage until you've had a chance to review your options tomorrow.  From what I understand prices on the exchange are going to be lower than anticipated and their you will be buying based on group rates, not the individual rates that you are still subject to you when you buy without going on the exchange.

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