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View Diary: Obamacare will double my monthly premium (according to Kaiser) (221 comments)

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    I consider myself an "historical Progressive," which means I support breaking up aristocracy, taxing land (historically monopolized by the Rich) until it is redistributed, holding the bounty of Nature in common trust for all.  Use the land and resource taxes to provide infrastructure for the community.  Emphasize the importance of local govt which is actually somewhat controllable.  
    The New Aristocracy in the USA is corporations writing the laws of the land to their own benefit. Their first agenda was to limit land and extraction taxes, to take over the environment for private profit, as the oil companies have done.
    Corporations have also been abusing the patent system to impose monopoly profits or outright uncompensated damage aka Monsanto and its GMOs.
    Now the insurance industry is using the Law to carve out monopoly profits in health care.  And it is being done with the IRS pointing a gun to the heads of individuals, at the behest of so-called Progressives.  SHAME!

    Learn from history. The progressive income tax started off as a means of redistributing unearned wealth, and ended up financing two world wars, the expansion of American Empire, and the rape of the middle class.  Nothing divides society more.  Nothing gives more power to the state to intrude.  No law is more filled with corruption and special-interest influence.
    Beware the unintended consequences of using govt power to achieve social goals.

    In our particular case, my wife and I, age 60 and 62: health insurance is rising 129% on Jan 1, 2014.  So much for affordable care for all Americans and "keeping your doctors."  
    The Blame goes to us for complacence, to Obama for  lying, to Kaiser for greed and corruption, and to modern progressives in general for using fascist means to achieve social goals.  

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