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  •  Curious about (0+ / 0-)

    If EPAers like my neighbors have to stay home, why isn't affected? Is that agency a different breed,  maybe classified essential? Are Rethugs hoping the rollout will crash and stay down for a week or more?

    Ideology is when you have the answers before you know the questions.
    It is what grows into empty spaces where intelligence has died.

    by Alden on Mon Sep 30, 2013 at 02:35:18 PM PDT

    •  Funded thru Mandatory & not Discretionary spending (8+ / 0-)

      That's diff. GOP picked the wrong hill to die on. Also Consumer Protection Agency keeps running even if there's shutdown

      "What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them." -- Pres. Obama (1/20/2009)

      by zizi on Mon Sep 30, 2013 at 02:39:46 PM PDT

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      •  It also may have to do with states (0+ / 0-)

        running the show. (Even though many aren't setting up their own version of the marketplaces, these are still considered state governmental agencies, I believe.)

        "Lone catch of the moon, the roots of the sigh of an idea there will be the outcome may be why?"--from a spam diary entitled "The Vast World."

        by bryduck on Mon Sep 30, 2013 at 02:57:01 PM PDT

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