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View Diary: Inside the GOP civil war: Losing control to their 'idiots' (148 comments)

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    I wonder if the CoC will support some southern Dems over Reps in 2014.

    Goddamn, 2014 is starting to look like a wonderful year for us. Even Razzlefrazzlemussen has the generic congressional ballot at +4 Dem. Adding the typical 2-3 point Rasmussen Offset, we're looking at a +7 Democratic wave next year. More than enough to wipe away the GOP House majority.

    And remember, folks: This is before the debt ceiling fight. By October 18th, the public will be sick to death of Republican tantrums. This is going to be good for us.

    Honestly, it's just such a shame that so many people have to be hurt just so we can vote these mfers back out of office.

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