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  •  One thing to think about is whether your income (2+ / 0-)
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    would shove you into a Medicaid, involuntarily.

    The upside: the Medicaid coverage is free, or nearly so.

    The downside: sometimes finding a provider who accepts Mecidaid can be an issue.

    Literally the dividing line between "you have no other choice but to enroll in Medicaid" and "you have a really low income and are eligible to purchase one of the cheaper, qualifying, highly-subsidized with a sliding scale for deductibles/co-pays silver plan" is $1.00 on the positive side of the dividing line.

    I don't know where that line is in your state.  But in signing up I would look at it both ways in a situation where you are basically providing an estimate of 2014 income because of recent unemployment, etc.

    Another issue is that being a Medicaid client can also access some some other subsidies/assistance in other areas in some states. (Possibilities: rent, energy, food stamps, etc.)

    Since you don't have insurance now (and hopefully ill stay healthy until Jan. 1)  I would not get panicky, put give the CoveredCa a chance to settle down and then drill down what you can find out.  (CoveredCa is probably the best of the state-run sites.  Excellent info, better than my own NYS Exchange site, I think.

    There are two very useful charts on the CoveredCa site:

    Basic comparisons among different levels of coverage:
    This is called the health benefits comparison chart

    Chart showing how income comes into play in the case of the lower-end incomes for the qualified Silver level plan.  This is not the same as the income-varied amount of premium subsidies, but is in addition to them to make paying deductibles and co-pays even lower.

    This one is called the Health Benefits Summary it covers the sliding scale info.

    I have saved these as .pdfs to my hard drive and could send them to you via Kosmail if you can't winkle them out on your own, or if the website is still overloaded.

    I'm sure you will be able to get affordable coverage, but of course I hope you get a new job with fab benefits and become ineligible for the Exchange!


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