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View Diary: Welcome to the friendly skies! Republican shutdown means nearly 3,000 safety inspectors off the job (30 comments)

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    the libertarians tell me this is a GOOD thing!

    Do you have any idea how happy libertarians are right now? The posts I'm seeing are epic. Please go like libertarian pages to see this hilarity. Here are a few examples of the greatest:

    Zachary T Slayback - "THE LAWS OF PHYSICS HAVE NOT CEASED AND AIRPLANES HAVEN'T FALLEN OUT OF THE SKY. this government shutdown is more like a government LETDOWN"

    Austin Petersen - "It's midnight... Are the roads still out there? I'm afraid to check. Hold me."

    Alex Shay - "I just ripped the tag off my mattress. What you gonna do about it feds?"

    The Libertarian Homeschooler - "Government Shutdown Minute Number Six. My life suddenly feels solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short."

    If Libertarians Are Crazy, I Don't Want to be Sane - "Guys.. I don't wanna freak you out or anything, but... Al Qaeda just showed up in my neighborhood."

    Yes, this is the libertarian brain at work.  Because no airplanes literally fell out of the sky AT midnight, therefore nothing bad will happen.  Ever.

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