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View Diary: The Treason of Congressional Republicans (8 comments)

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    Treason has been used in a non-legalistic manner since the founding of the Republic. It is a strong term that I meant to use knowing that some folks who share my values who oppose its usage. I respect that. But I swear these bastards in their determination to hold onto and increase their wealth and power astound me daily with their willingness to turn the US into an oligarchy with only the thinnest veneer of fake democracy. It is fine to disagree and fight over policy, but to undermine the world's first democracy, intentionally kill our kids, openly use racism as a tool against the President and his policies call for a serious fight. They want to subjugate us -- and we are the canaries in the mine to call them on their shit. I'm with Manhattan Man. Call it what you will, they intend to take over the republic.

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