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View Diary: Speaking Truth to Power: The Fleecing of Our Post Office. (17 comments)

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  •  DiFi's worst activity? (2+ / 0-)
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    I must disagree with Phil K's comment above.  To me, Dianne's worst action was "buying into" GW Bush's lies about Saddam Hussein's non-existent WMDs.

    I'm sure many of my fellow Kossacks knew in 2003, as did I, that Saddam had no WMDs.  The talk and speculation on this had been public record since 1996.  Feinstein was Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2003.  I don't have dozens of staff people: no recptionists, no research aides, writers, etc.

    Yet I, as a little old lady without staff, knew of the reports of Hans Blixt, Hans von-Sponneck, Scott Ritter, and the 1976 Time magazine article where Sadam's son in law, who had been in charge of Iraq's weapons, had reported they had all been destroyed shortly after the 1991 Desert Storm.

    I knew this, but DiFi didn't.  Joe Biden didn't seem to know either and refused to allow any knowledgeable people on this side of the issue to testify at his Senate Foreign Relations Committee meetings on military action in Iraq!

    When a few weeks after Shock and Awe revealed that, indeed, Saddam had not had any WMDs, I wrote to both Feinstein and Biden and told them they should send me their pay checks for the month they made such egregious mistakes in their prestigious Senatorial (sic) careers.  Neither of them wrote back.

    Impeach Feinstein.  Get her out of office.  I haven't voted for her in the last 3 elections; I always vote for the Peace and Freedom candidate who challenges her.

    Sheinstein (sic) is a disgrace.  And, no, "I never had sexual relations with 'that' woman!"  I just don't think there is an honest, fair bone in her body!

    the war being the relentless ...struggle... by the rich against the poor. " by Andrew O'Hehir in "Salon"

    by dharmasyd on Wed Oct 02, 2013 at 05:49:00 PM PDT

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