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View Diary: Krystal Ball Parodies No Government Loving GOP Tea Party Fanatics (VIDEO) (5 comments)

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  •  She thinks she's mocking them but they're (6+ / 0-)

    immune to mockery. The ones in my area say things like, "Oh, it won't be that bad! What does the government really do for me? Just takes taxes and never gives anything back!"

    Which, living in a blue state is partially true. We pay for the red states. But these LaRouchies, Birchers, and Tea Partiers have wallowed in ignorance so long they've completely bought the lies that government doesn't work.

    I'm afraid that a short shutdown, a few weeks, will just encourage them -- "See?! Nothing bad happened! Who needs government! Shut it down for good next time!"

    Spite is the ranch dressing Republicans slather on their salad of racism

    by ontheleftcoast on Tue Oct 01, 2013 at 03:09:44 PM PDT

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