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  •  Doesn't take long to come up with a reason, (1+ / 0-)
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    LI Mike

    especially for someone who has spent some time living in a foreign country.

    I have, two of them now, South Korea and Germany. I speak neither German nor Korean, really. However, even with the little I know, I could have some manner of conversation. A large part of these conversations were through hand signals and gestures.

    I've been told that a true test of one's mastery of a language is to talk to a native speaker over the phone, where such non-verbal cues are completely absent.

    Yeah, so someone may know enough English to tell their doctor their "right here hurts" and that their poop is of a certain color, particularly as they can do so in person with the benefits of hand signals and gestures. Does Perino really not understand how important it could be for someone who is not a native speaker to make sure they did not misunderstand some part of a written application form, involving the complicated and important matter of getting health care?

    Really, people who make such stupid points are considered pundits worthy of air time for their opinions?

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