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View Diary: The "Welfare Queen," The "Homeless By Choice": Reagan's Toxic Legacy (144 comments)

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  •  About 10 years ago mr. koosah lost his job at (10+ / 0-)

    the school where he worked as a classified employee, so koosah kid qualified for WIC.  The coupons are very, very specific for types of food, quantities, sizes allowed and sometimes even brands.  We couldn't even get Rice Krispies with the cereal coupon.  Corn flakes, cheerios, shredded wheat, bran flakes...those kinds only.  

    The only way anyone could get candy or cigarettes with WIC is to buy their WIC supplies and trade about 4 gallons of whole milk for them.      

    Metaphors be with you.

    by koosah on Sun Oct 06, 2013 at 12:28:50 PM PDT

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