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View Diary: The "Welfare Queen," The "Homeless By Choice": Reagan's Toxic Legacy (144 comments)

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    Ronald Reagan was a man that i truly dispised. I have a list of grievances that stretch for quite a distance. I can, however, sum up one of the really awful things that he helped put into the american psyhe: "Everyman for himself". A true Ayn Randian.
     If Reagan had been one of the founding fathers, this country wouldn't exist. It takes cooperation to build a country or a society and culture. If the above quip was practiced 2 hundred and some years ago, the only thing that would exist today would be these little tiny kingdoms or fiefdoms and thats about it.
     I think his real philosophy should be written as: "I got mine". That fits him to a T. According to him, if you see a homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk, step over them and don't look back.
     I can go on and on about him. Grover Norquist, you can have him, because i don't want him and never did.

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