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View Diary: The "Welfare Queen," The "Homeless By Choice": Reagan's Toxic Legacy (144 comments)

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  •  Not only did he illegally sell arms to Iran: (2+ / 0-)
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    he PLANNED to do so before winning the Presidency, and he won it, in part, by secretly TELLING Iran he would do so if they STALLED in negotiations  with President Carter until AFTER the election.  In other words, as then PRIVATE CITIZENS, he and Bush held their OWN negotiations with a foreign power, in OPPOSITION to our official negotiations, and SABOTAGED the release of 444 Americans, IN ORDER to take over our government.

    If Lindbergh had been caught, in 1940, secretly holding private negotiations with Hitler in order to win the election, he would have been shot for treason.  And if Reagan had been caught before becoming President and being able to hide the evidence, he and Bush would have been charged with disloyalty and never won the White House.

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