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  •  governing or winning? (6+ / 0-)

    I think the people who are outraged by the idea of working to elect a moderate Republican are too focused on winning and not focused enough on how we govern a democracy. We all want our ideas to win and work to persuade others of their rightness. But in some parts of the country, our ideas are so far out of the local Overton window that they will not have any effect on political decisions, at least not during this decade. That doesn't mean we can't work to persuade our neighbors to change their minds; it just means that that work will have NO EFFECT on the part of the government that represents us. The only way we can have an effect on our government is to make choices that move things a little bit in the direction we want them to move, without going so far that they move out of the realm of what our neighbors are willing to accept. Working to elect a more moderate Republican would be an example of this. When you have a real choice between a Republican representative who would vote to shut down our government, and one who wouldn't, I say take it. Some people here can understand why it's dumb for Democrats to vote for someone like Nader. The same principle applies here. Politics is the art of the possible, and in some parts of this country, nothing that we would like is possible.

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      AdamSchmidt, slothlax

      This is what I've been hoping progressives realize.

      Governance is more important than winning. In ridiculously gerrymandered districts where it is close to impossible for the other side to win - it becomes important to vote for the best option within the winning party.

      Here's my thinking - the major differences in the population that drive partisan voting patterns revolve around social issues.

      On economic issues, there is 90% congruence in the population - this would be as high as 99.5% as soon as the folks in the 90.1 - 99.5 percentile realize that the <0.5% at the top are using them for votes while undermining the interests of everyone outside the top <0.5%.

      Indeed, it makes more sense in some of the red states to vote for a moderate Republican who knows that their success depends on folks in the middle (independents, moderate Republicans & Democrats).

      In any case - this is what the folks at the top (i.e. the wealthiest <0.5%) do. In blue states, they seek out the most corporate friendly candidate to support

      By the way, this applies in blue districts and senate seats as well. Get the Lieberdem pro-corporate types out and put in pro-people legislators and officials

    •  Identity (0+ / 0-)

      "Getting less worse policies enacted be damned, I'm a democrat, I'll never associate with republicans, YELLER DAWG 4 EVA!!!!"

      Incidentally, this is what the greens think about democrats.

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