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  •  Texas Democrats won't back down... (1+ / 0-)
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    I, like you, thought I could just vote for the correct Republican.  What I and many Republicans found was any Republican we elected always ended up voting with the rest of the Republicans.  Period.  

    For years those of us that were Republican turned to the Democratic Party only to find out that the Democratic Party was barely hanging on by a thread. Talk about frustrating!  So we spent years building the Democratic Party back up.  Donating as much as we could and working constantly to bring about the changes we knew had to happen.

    In the years that followed, things seemed to get worse and worse in Texas, but so many of us persevered, only to watch Democrats win some and lose a lot!  The thing that kept us going was knowing that change doesn't happen overnight.  

    So here we are today in Texas.  Our Rural Texas mostly Red, but our cities all turned Blue!  On top of that, we have the Republicans in office that are the worst of the worst, showing their arses to the world.  So just when we thought we could turn things around, the Republicans up and voted in a bunch of even worse legislators for the change they want...Ugh!!!

    What Republicans are finally figuring out here in Texas is that we have a viable Democratic Party ready and qualified to serve, realizing their Party has taken to the crazy ward.  Then lo and behold we have the rest of the US thinking the same thing and showing us the "love" we have been showing all of them for years.  

    Great Candidates believe it or not don't always make the difference, but what does is perseverance, hard work, and the fortitude to stick it out.  Just when you want to throw up your hands and say "no more", the people that have worked together and the friendships and connections that have been made, make it impossible to give up.  

    Texas will turn Blue of that I am sure.  I hope for all of our sakes, it's sooner than later, but I wouldn't for a minute ever again vote for a Republican to replace another Republican any time in the near future...All of our families deserve better.

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