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View Diary: Who wants to primary the incredibly problematic Dan Maffei? (96 comments)

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    Kos is giving the Obama vs Romney election results. Clearly Maffei has under performed Obama. Probably as he was fighting an incumbent. However there is still no excuse to behave scared in such a D+ district. If he is having so much trouble to keep this district may be it is better we find someone else.

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      Well, that and the Green candidate taking 7.5%.  With just 75% of Rozum's votes, Maffei would have been at 53%.

    •  Nope (0+ / 0-)

      The line in the blog was:

      But Maffei? He won his district 57-41. What could possibly be his excuse?
      The person that underperformed in the race was Usula Rozman - people voted for Maffei because they didn't want that b*$%@ Buerkle in office and a vote for Rozum would be a vote for Buerkle. (Ruzum returned campaign donations that came from Buerkle supporters)

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