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View Diary: Are you still 'proud to be an American?' I'm not so sure (88 comments)

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  •  I'm so proud that I managed to be born (1+ / 0-)
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    Alice in Florida

    in America. It took a lot of very hard work, although of course I can't remember any of it. But I know that if had slackened off even for a moment of those critical nine months, I would have ended up being born in Canada, or Venezuela, or even Kenya, heaven forfend. But, since I managed to get myself born right there in the US Naval Hospital in Quantico, VA, I have every right to be proud to be an American, and I am proud, damn proud! I hope all those fetal slackers from foreign countries are properly ashamed of themselves. If they'd just kept their nose—or their nose bud, depending on how developed they were at the time—to the grindstone, they too could have been born here in the Land of Lincoln and Hoover and Roosevelt and Bush.

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