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View Diary: Obama challenges Boehner to allow a vote on reopening government (158 comments)

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  •  I knew somebody with an orange cast to his skin (2+ / 0-)
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    viral, Mr MadAsHell

    He was a doctor, and he'd volunteered for a study to see if carotene (stuff that makes carrots orange) helped prevent heart attacks.  He didn't know which group he was in for years (placebo group or the group getting carotene) until one day his wife pointed out to him that his palms had an orange cast.

    The stuff didn't seem to make you less likely to have a heart attack.

    It's not completely beyond the pale that John Boehner is orange from being in that experiment or something similar.  On the other hand, it has been said that alcohol seems to be the lubricant for the wheels of legislation.  I've never heard that about carrots.

    We're all pretty strange one way or another; some of us just hide it better. "Normal" is a dryer setting.

    by david78209 on Wed Oct 02, 2013 at 02:37:32 PM PDT

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