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  •  USSR collapse less than 25 yrs ago, USA = ? (5+ / 0-)

    Long time ago I remember watching Nightline in the 1980s, they were interviewing some young African-American, who said, "One day the American empire will fall."

    I totally forgot the context in which he said it, but for some reason I've never forgotten it. Skip ahead to 2013, and it's scary how much the policies of the last 25 years have created the problems we have today. President Obama has done many good to great things, but we're still living in the shadow of Reaganism. On so many levels - debt, drugs, energy independence, domestic industry - we went completely on the wrong track. Go down the wrong track for 20+ years, and you'll end up a long way away from where you should be.

    Apropos of today's crisis, there's still a non-negligible chance of debt default. If that happens, we will be taking a giant step closer towards our fall.

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