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  •  I'm currently re-reading the Ryanverse books (2+ / 0-)
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    grumpynerd, RiveroftheWest

    I just finished “Without remorse” (or actually, “Sans aucun remords” because I'm reading them in French). I started this a few months ago, alternating Clancy with a couple of other authors.

    I don't think I agree that in his stories, American tech always wins out. For example, in “La Somme de toutes les peurs” (The sum of all fears), there are plenty of American tech screw-ups, including the incompetent destruction of a nuclear submarine, the survivors being rescued by a Russian sub.

    I also don't think that one has to take Clancy so seriously. To me, it's basically just science fantasy. I take it just as seriously as I take the show 24, for the same reason.

    Sure, he's pro-American, for the most part, and obviously, his heroes are always patriotic and heroic, even if some of them are vigilante serial killers and all of them are willing to violate the Constitution at the drop of a helmet liner.

    When I read about Repugs believing in something because Jacks Ryan and Bauer said or did this or that, I just sigh. It's just a story, it's fiction, it's fantasy. When someone who can't distinguish fact from fiction runs for office, they should be laughed out of town. The fact that they usually are not is just part of what makes America so exceptionally similar to the rest of the world.

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